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The Final Countdown- Maddy S.

  Hello, fellow bloggers it’s Maddy again. It has been a while since I wrote last and between then and now, a lot has happened! We are in the final days of construction and I feel so proud. It has been a wonderful journey to see some of my peers transition from being afraid of […]

Homemade Home-maintaining! Ally Reznicek with Bel Floratine Custom Designs

Hello again, my fellow Streamers! It’s Ally Reznicek again my final update on project VENTURA! The school year is drawing to a close, and so will our updates. We are practically finished with the remodeling of the Whale, so they will no longer be necessary. And, may I say, the trailer looks fantastic! We have […]

Building, painting, and learning with the Airstream! -Marlene Rodriguez from Ever-Green

Hello everyone! It’s Marlene from Ever-Green! Last week, we accomplished a lot; first we began working on our book and we also built a small porch that will make it easier for people to get out of the Airstream. At the beginning of the week, we began writing out some of the chapters for our book. […]

Types of Writing – Jordan Smith Jedi Design

Hello to all! Lately we have been working on the eBook we are making. Which is pretty exciting because when it’s all said and done and the book is finished I can say that I “wrote” a book. Even if it really isn’t writing a book all by myself. In class we have been working […]

Paneling towards the finish line! -Maya Nunez Vedastien Custom Design Company

Hello once again Project Ventura Followers, I hope everyone is doing well this fine day. We are on the home stretch as we finish up the airstream. So we have gotten a lot done over the last two weeks and we are really moving forward with this amazing and beneficial redesign of the airstream that […]

Losing Track of Time – Maya Messinger, MAAT Design Firm

Hey loopsies! So I accidentally skipped a blog, and I apologize for that. But that means I have even more stuff to report since my last post! You’ll be getting two blogs posts from me in two days! Since it’s now been a month since my last blog, I’ve got a lot of explaining of […]

The Proffessional Plot Twist- Ally Reznicek with Bel Floratine Custom Designs

Hello, my fellow Streamers! It’s Ally Reznicek again with Bel Floratine Custom Designs and I have a lot of news to tell you! First of all, the construction process has been going very quickly! We have split into numerous groups within our class and focused on different tasks per group. For example, the past session […]