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Writing, writing and more writing – Jordan Smith Jedi design

Hello all! Honestly, we’re not doing anything to exciting except for write. We write our drafts, we write our final drafts. We are doing nothing but writing. It’s quite… boring. Not in the this is so fun expressing my feelings and what not. Because that is not how we are writing at all. We are doing […]

Whale We Ever Finish?- Maya Nunez, Vedastein Custom Design Company

Hello for the final time Project Ventura followers! Yep, you heard (or read) me correctly that this is the final and last blog entry that I will be posting for the year. Don’t worry its not because zombies came down and eat our entire class making it to where we can’t finish the amazing airstream. […]

And They Lived Happily Ever After. The End. -Julie Tapia, Dream Designers

Hello everyone! This will be the last time I speak to you all. I know I said that last time, but this time, I mean it. *tear* I had a blast this school year with Project VENTURA. I wouldn’t have said that a few months ago because we were all stressed out. However, the school […]

Hands in the Wind – Faith Vanderburg, Dream Designers

I want to start by saying that I’m sorry for not keeping up with my blogging. The only thing that has been stopping me from blogging is my own selfishness. When I first noticed that I was falling behind in my blogs I wanted to catch up, but I never put in time for it […]

Wrapping the big Whale up -Jennifer Chaparro, Ever-Green Design Firm

  Hello, Ventura-ers! I’ve been going through lot lately, and  I thought I was done with blog entries, but I guess I was wrong, again. Well, this entry was supposed to be publish May 12 of 2014, and here I am posting it on May 20th. What we have been doing for the past week […]

Engineering a Better World – Emma Foster, Fo’sheimer and Filles Fabrications

What an exciting time it is for Project Ventura: the airstream has almost reached completion and the class is getting ready to present it on May 23rd! I hope that our clients (ARS Teachers) and all you blog readers are as excited for this as I am. The ebook, which we will use as a […]

Crossing the Finish Line – Itzel Ruiz Jedi Design Team

Hello Again Blog Readers, This is my final update on Project VENTURA *wipes tear* the year is coming to an end and so is Project Ventura. We are so close to finishing our teacher common area. We just need some final touch ups on paint and to finish placing some furniture. I am really happy […]