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The Struggle is HERE ! -Lucy Saucedo, LuLa Custom Design

              Hello my fellow bloggers, sorry I haven’t been blogging in the past week. Let me catch up to what we have being doing these past few days.  Well me and Laura were focusing more on going into the mechanics of the trailer. We went into depth of the […]

What Should the Whale Be? -Maya Nunez Vedastein Design Company

Welcome back viewers! Maya has returned. Plans for Project Ventura are taking off faster than a runway train. Lots as happened in the last two weeks since I have blogged to you. So here is a quick update. Everyone single design company including the absolutely amazing Vedastien Design Company has finished teacher surveys which included […]

Simple Machines Aren’t As Simple As They Seem.- Jessica Swofford

Hello and welcome back to the Jedi Design team’s blog, by Swofford! First I will update you all on what we have currently been working on, so you don’t think that I’m just randomly babbling about this. Lately, my partners and I have been learning about Simple Machines. These machines include: a wedge, lever, inclined plane, […]