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Teach a Man to Fish -Jessica Hess

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. ” Our visit to Community First gave us all a great opportunity to see a different way of life. Community First is a program that stated 9 years ago, helping people who are chronically homeless […]

Community First Project- Savannah Pena

We took a field trip to Community First. This is a place where a plan/project to help the community is in progress for about nine years. Allen Graham had an idea and wanted to do something for the community. His mission for the for the project is to create a community of people who care […]

Savannah Pena: Relfection Blog #4

Our presentation went rather well, we had a few mistakes in our word choice and flow from person to person but over all we did rather well correcting those mistakes. It went better than expected. We all thought we were going to do horrible and that the judges were going to be mean and ask […]

The Beginning of the End- Jessica Hess

We’re nearly finished  with our project! Preparing for the presentation has been a little wild, high stress, time crunch. There were lots of mixed emotions in reaching the final product. trying to distribute the work load toward the end was challenging. I was in charge of a large part of the presentation board, organizing the […]

At The Finishing Line, Finally -Savannah Pena

We presented on Monday the fourth of March. I tried to keep clam until the presentation was over. I worked on the excel spreed sheet for the construction part of the budget. I also worked on the hand drawing of the electrical system so the judges could have a visual besides the 3D models on Google sketch up. Also helped out […]

The End is in Sight- Anjali Mani

DAP is almost over! It is a very odd feeling and I will occasionally open GoogleSketchUp, forgetting that the model has already been turned in. As our group was presenting the first day, we wouldn’t have class time to prepare, which admittedly was a daunting idea. So we decided to meet on Sunday at one […]

Keeping our trailer comfortable- Jessica Hess

Well, I defiantly learned a lot from Mat and Mariah, it was so helpful to have them work with us. First off, I learned a lot about the water pump system and how it works in our trailer. The pump we have was donated to us and is more efficient than we really need, which […]