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Wrapping the big Whale up -Jennifer Chaparro, Ever-Green Design Firm

  Hello, Ventura-ers! I’ve been going through lot lately, and  I thought I was done with blog entries, but I guess I was wrong, again. Well, this entry was supposed to be publish May 12 of 2014, and here I am posting it on May 20th. What we have been doing for the past week […]

Entering a New World of “Coolness” and Affordability – Bethany Salazar, Ever-Green Design Firm

Hello people of earth! 🙂 I, Bethany Salazar wanted to update you on what we have been doing today in our little world. Who knew that an all girl high school engineering class could accomplish something like restore an airstream. I am proud to be a part of this school and part of the engineering […]

History, and the Glory of Airstreams- Bethany Salazar, Ever-Green Design Firm

Hello! 🙂 I hope you all had a nice day today and are ready for some insight on what we have been up to. We have been super busy to get everything to be done before any of the appliances come and its time to present. I am going to give you an important date […]

Milestone 3, here we come to overcome you! -Jennifer Chaparro, Ever-Green Design Firm

  Hello, Ventura- ers! Well, I’ve catched up to my schedule now, I am even writing this ahead of time, now thats a record! Well, enough with my talk, lets talk about what we’ve done this past couple of days. On Monday, April 21, the class divided itself into groups of three or two and […]

Chop saw is my new best friend! -Jennifer Chaparro, Ever-Green Design Firm

(04/14/2014) Hello again, I know, here I am again, like I mentioned on my last post, I’ve been falling behind with two of my entries, but don’t worry I am catching up, once I am done with this one I am up to date! Well, where do I begin. During this time, April 14, the […]

Late but up do date! Fabric, building, what more… -Jennifer Chaparro, Ever-Green Design Firm

(03/31/2014) Hello, Ventura followers, I’ve been a little bit out of it lately, this post was supposed to be published on March 31, 2014, and I am going to talk about what we did during this time.   During this time, the Principles of Engineering class was assigned to do an inspiration board which included […]

I have never thought of that… have you? – Bethany Salazar, Ever-Green Design Firm

Hello, everyone reading this blog entry!! 🙂 Today, I, Bethany Salazar am going to fill you in to what’s happening in the Project VENTURA. I know I have not posted in a while, that is because I accidentally skipped a blog entry date and I want to apologize about that. This blog entry should really […]