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We Are Happiest When Helping, Green Glamping Girls: Sofia Hruby

What started as several food trucks delivering meals to the homeless in the Austin area, evolved into a large scale community project that is planned to house once chronically homeless people.  Last week I had the opportunity to meet the president of Mobile Loaves and Fishes, Alan Graham, on a field trip to their headquarters.  […]

Jordan Reed- It’s Over!

The presentation went really well! I am so proud of my group members, we all worked really hard on this. We got into the top four groups, and I feel like we deserved it. We had a lot of judges, but we spoke clearly, were able to answer almost every question, and they seemed really […]


Almost two weeks ago my group presented our fabulous trailer design to a panel of judges.  There were 11 judges (about) that we presented to.  9 or 10 of them were professionals with careers in different parts engineering and at least one of them was a teacher from our school.  Our principal and vice principal […]

Presenting Time- Jordan Reed

            Tomorrow is the presentation for our group, and I am both excited and nervous! We’ve all been working really hard and I am sure it will pay off. I have practiced my part of the script at least 7 or 8 times, but I’m still a little nervous about […]

Jordan from GGG presents: The Fabulous Warehouse and a Shout Out to the Comet

Ta da! The Green Glamping Girls have finally finished the exterior model of the trailer! And it’s all thanks to our special guests from last week, Mariah and Matt from the Comet camper. For those who don’t know, the Comet Camper is another eco trailer project led by Mariah with the help of her friend […]


Last week Mariah and Matt from the Comet Camper visited our school.  It was so exciting that they were able to fly all the way out to Texas to help us out, so we finally got to meet the people who helped inspire the whole entire project!  I am in charge of various things in […]

Green Glamping Girls (Jordan Reed): Google SketchUp

For this project, our team- Green Glamping Girls- is going to use Google SketchUp for the 3-D modeling portion instead of AutoCAD Inventor. None of us have had much (if any) experience with this program, so I made it my personal mission to figure out how to work it. Admittedly, I am not yet a […]