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An Engineering Project of Biblical Proportions

Last Tuesday, the tenth grade engineering classes took a field trip to Community First!, a program designed to help get the chronically homeless off the streets with inexpensive and sustainable housing. The program is backed by Mobile Loaves & Fishes, a social outreach ministry that helps the chronically homeless by providing them with food, work, shelter, […]

Presentation Annihilation by Sara Espinosa

These past several months have been hectic, but in the end all of the Green Scene Design Team’s work was worth every second. On the morning of our presentation I felt like butterflies were going to explode out of my stomach; I was nervous beyond belief. We rehearsed our presentation a few times, set up […]

Project Ventura Reflection: Erin Simons

After a long/challenging/quick/stressful/rewarding/valuable four months, we’ve reached the end of our 2013 Engineering DAP Project! Our group’s presentation went pretty much as expected- everyone had practiced their part and presented it well, and we were able to answer almost all of the judges’ questions easily and sufficiently. The judges complemented us on our presentation board, […]

Preparation For Final Presentation by Sara Espinosa

         The past several weeks have been very eventful and to say the least, busy. The Green Scene Design Team has been working hard to prepare for our final presentation. Lately I have created a final excel spreadsheet, calculated the total amount spent, finished up the interior SketchUp model, and have helped […]

Prepping for the Green Scene Design Team’s Grand Debut -Erin Simons

The past week has been a whirlwind as the Green Scene Design Team wrapped up our DAP (Distinguished Achievement Project) Ventura Project. We had the honor (and stress) of being the first team to present, and are very happy with how our work paid off. But more on the actual presentation later- today I’ll be […]

Green Scene Design Team Blog 2: Stephanie

      So far From the last updated entry so much has been done as a whole and as an individual where my main focus has been on the Schematic diagrams of the Solar panels, Electrical, Inverter, and battery.  As well as keep up with the Pinterest inspiration and Green Items for the interior of the […]

Green Scene Design Team Interior SketchUp Model by Sara Espinosa

For the past weeks I have begun to start modeling our vintage trailer using the program SketchUp. This was my first time to use SketchUp and from what I was hearing from my partner Erin Simons (her job was to use SketchUp for the exterior) it wasn’t exactly a piece of cake. She had told […]