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Hmm… Airstream….. Interesting….- Bethany Salazar, Ever-Green Design Team

Hello! My name is Bethany Salazar, and I am one of 3 people in my designing team. We are very excited for this unique opportunity the school is providing for us. We hope we can make the best of it and have more learning experience for the future. I am in 10th grade and I […]

A Seed of Change by Yuvia Ruiz

Today we went on fieldtrip to visit Community First! A wonderful non-profit organization which helps lift chronological homeless up off the streets, by providing affordable and sustainable housing in a hospital environment. Although community first might help homeless, it also teaches all of us that we must always put community before our self’s, we need […]

DAP Presentation by Jennifer Martinez

My group was the LMJY Eco-Friendly Design Company and we had presented in front of 11 judges, one of them being our engineering teacher Mrs. Jo, and the other’s being professional engineers. There were four male engineers and six female engineers. In my opinion, I think that our presentation went good. The judges didn’t have […]

DAP Over and Gone! by Yuvia Ruiz

Our presentation has been done; we have finally met the judges and presented our project to them. Now after the presentation I feel a sense of relief. I could say that we were preparing even though we were somewhat nervous not really to present but to answer questions. But after everything I’d say we did […]

Finally Done!

Stress Relief! The DAP presentation went better than I expected. We were lucky to be the last ones to present but as we saw people getting out of the presentation room we started to feel jealous that they got it over with and we still had four more days to go with the stress. The […]

Finally at the End by Lorena Banda

We finally finished! After the presentation I felt as if I had just released a bunch of the stress I had built up inside me throughout the past three months. I believe that my group’s DAP presentation went way better than I expected. I thought that one of us was just going freeze up there […]

Almost at the End by Lorena Banda

This past week was one of my most stressful and nerve racking weeks of my Sophomore year. My group, LMJY Eco-Friendly Design Company worked hard to get everything perfected. On Monday we worked on finishing everything completely and we wrote our individual scripts; on Tuesday we made sure everything was perfect before we put it […]