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DAP Reflection-Carina Carrasco

I think that my group’s DAP presentation went OK, we could have prepared a little more, and there were small details that were missing in our presentation. We should have practiced a little more in order to be more enthusiastic when we presented, and should have made it more of a conversation theme. We could […]

Desiree Robinson #3

We made a decision to meet after school to finalize everything and post it on our poster board with borders. What we thought would take 30 minutes ending up taking hours. It was a harder thought process than we thought it would be we had to make sure everyone was okay with the color scheme […]

Preparation Process-Carina Carrasco

There were so many little details that needed to be included so I worked on that to be as prepared as possible. Being in charge of pinterest I needed to make sure that our pinterest was something to look forward to, it was nice going back and looking at the inspiration and ideas we had. […]

Desire’e Robinson #2

This week Matt and Mariah came to Texas to help us a little bit with our vintage trailer and give us ideas on how to be even more Eco-friendly. My main focus has been on the diagrams of the solar panels, electrical system of the trailer, inverter, and battery.  As well as creating the excel […]

Carina Carrasco linoleum flooring/Google sketch up

Linoleum flooring is a great idea for flooring it is made from renewable materials. The finest linoleum floors,are known as ‘inlaid’, are extremely durable; they were made by joining and inlaying solid pieces of linoleum. Cheaper patterned linoleum came in different grades or gauges, and were printed with thinner layers which were more prone to wear and tear. Good quality […]

Carina Carrasco

Carina Carrasco November During this month of November project Ventura was hard to grasp but as I researched and asked questions I wall able to get a hold of it much better. My job is being in charge of Google Sketch Up, at first it seem like it was going to be a long and difficult […]