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Community First – Kaiyla Washington

Community first is a non profit organization ran by Allen his mission and purpose of community first is to physically and emotionally help homeless people get back in tact with the earth and to human society. Nine years ago the community first organization had a dream to bring up a community to help the life of homeless people who have come from […]

Community First! Changing Lives One Tiny Home at a Time

Last Friday the sophomore engineering girls went on a field trip to Community First! And let me just say this is the best field trip that I’ve been on all year. Not only was it informative and made me think about people other than myself but it was fun! Community First! helps the chronically homeless […]

Kaiyla Washington -Finally Done!

I can’t tell you how proud I am of me an my group members Triple A-K! I still can’t believe that we are in the top 4. I mean we must have did something right if we got this far.  During the presentation I couldn’t have asked for a better presentation the judges were pretty […]

Until Next Time

YAY! DAP IS FINALLY OVER AND IT FEELS LIKE I’VE JUST GRADUATED! My group’s presentation went really well. The judges didn’t ask too complicated questions or questions that none of us could answer and nobody froze or forgot what to say. It was way better than I expected it to be because I thought the […]

Final VENTURA Blog – Annalise Martinez

WHAT A MONTH. Overall our group (Triple-AK) did really well in our DAP presentation. I mean we are one of the top 4 groups! The presentation was exactly as I expected it to be-the scenery and my mood. Some things that my group rocked was thoroughly explaining our parts of the presentation with facts and […]

Do You Really Know How To Talk? -Amelia Fisher

These last couple weeks in engineering class we have been finalizing our products and designs as well as perfecting our presentations and presenting skills. We started out this process by looking at a thick presentation skills packet that set me up with all the skills I needed to present my design for this project.             […]

Preparation Always Pays Off

We are so close to being done with DAP that I can hardly control myself. Of course this project was fun and interesting but it was also hard and time consuming. Overall I liked the project and think that it taught us a lot but that doesn’t mean I’m sad that its over. Tomorrow is […]