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First add a little Love, a lot of Hope, a Garden and a nice heap of Community

The homeless is everywhere. In just Austin, Texas alone there is currently around 2,300 people who are homeless. 900 who are chronically homeless, or have been with out a home for over a year. Mobiles Loaves and Fishes (MLF) , an Austin organization founded in 1998, was built with the idea of in serving the […]

Looking back on DAP………

I can finally say that I am SO HAPPY to be finished. The presentation that my group- Trailer Babes, had done on Friday was excellent! Surprisingly the presentation went lot better than I had expected it to be with only a few minor slip ups, here and there. But other than that the judges had […]

We’re almost there: The end of Project VENTURA and Presenting

Preparing myself for a project this big was not easy. I’m still coming to terms, that DAP presentation is about to happen and that we will be done. To prepare myself for this project, I had to look at what I had completed in the project, which was the list of green materials, the budget […]

Bright Light Wires!!! by Samantha Bernal of Trailer Babes

photo from : Image from Trailer Life’s Repair and Maintenance Manual by Bob Livingston ┬áMy current engineering class has a couple of visitors who had already been in the process of want my team and I must go through to accomplish a unique sufficient green trailer. Matt and Mariah have been a pleasant help […]

This is going to be fun……… With Solar Panels !

Project VENTURA, sure has opened my eyes to the world of sustainable energy and creativity. This is like the biggest and probably one of the fun DIY projects that you can do. Like I had just typed in ‘Retro RV Trailer’ into Google and out came this photo that I had found…. Its kind of […]