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Inspiration Station – Sierra Melomo, Vedastein Custom Design Company

I’m back all project ventura followers! If you have yet to be enraptured by our great, and everything fabulous 1977 Airstream trailer makeover project, then hopefully our inspiration boards will capture your attention! For the past week Maya and I have been working on our inspiration boards. On these boards we will collect sketches, and […]

D-Plus Two Weeks (Annalise Irby)

Our DAP presentation went very smoothly, pretty much what I had expected after our practices. I think we left a very good impression overall of hard work, creativity, and expertise. All our materials looked neat and professional, and as I mentioned before, the Ipads miraculously did not explode or go black!     Our proposal’s […]

It’s OVER! DAP Reflection by Karrie Newton

I’m so proud of my group! Our presentation went very well (I think), and I did much better than I expected–I only stumbled on my words a few times, and didn’t mumble (like I tend to do). We were all very enthusiastic and happy to be presenting (if only because DAP was going to be […]

Ding, Dong, DAP Is Done… (Annalise Irby)

Our Distinguished Achievement Project (…Dauntingly Advanced Pain? Definitely Adorable Product?) is finally done! We wrapped up months of research, work days, late-night Internet plunges, consultant advice, and mountains of information (plus a 1977 Playmor trailer somewhere in there) in 45 minutes. I’m very happy with how we presented all our hard work! No one broke an iPad… the […]

Preparation for Presentation–Karrie Newton

Wow! I can’t believe it’s presentation week already! I keep thinking about how long we’ve all worked on this amazing project, and now it will finally be able to start (once the winners are announced). Our forty minutes to present is hardly enough time to explain our months’ worth of work and effort, but of […]

Lighting Tiny Homes by Annalise Irby (Trendy Trailers Inc.)

Designing for small spaces means putting a huge amount of thought into how they look and feel when you’re inside them. The inside space in a Tiny House is hugely affected by seemingly small interior decorating decisions, like the use of partitions, textures and sidings, and the biggest one: lighting. Just like Trendy Trailer’s best brainstorming sessions […]

Green Trailer Budgeting (Karrie Newton)

My duty currently is organizing our budget spreadsheet and putting together all of our green materials. This is more challenging than it might sound. The budget is a bit of an issue when it comes to finding the exact price for something we require. For example, we are looking at a certain type of insulation […]