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Space Out –Miranda Toy, Bel Floratine

Hi everyone! I don’t know about you guys but it is definitely beginning to feel like summer here. Just the other day it was like 95 degrees. Closer to summer, closer to the end of Project VENTURA (sad, yet rewarding). Last week we began our eBook chapters which is how the class is going to […]

Tiny Life, Tiny Problems! —Gus Dexheimer, Fo’sheimer and Filles Fabs

Howdy Howdy AdVenturers! I am writing with great, grandiose news: we’re coming down the homestretch and it’s looking like we’re going to be practically finished in time! I know this seems expected, but sometimes the task is so daunting to us that we start to doubt the outcome’s timeliness. But the news is that there’s […]

We’re Pretty, Funny, Smart, and Girls, but we can get Down and Dirty too! Lucy Saucedo, LuLa Custom Design Team

Hello fellow bloggers! Today I am going to talk about what our class did this week. This week was a very fun week, many people came to visit which meant we had a lot of help. This was very good because guess what, we were real handy men!  After days and days spent learning about tools and […]

¡Casas Poquísimo! (Tiny Houses) – Emma Foster, Fo’sheimer and Filles Fabrications

Welcome, once again, to another installment of High School Sophomore Girls Renovate an Airstream, a.k.a. Project Ventura! Things are moving right along over here: we’ve already built a bookshelf and most of the bench framing for what is going to soon be the teacher’s lounge for our school. Wanna see? In addition, Mariah and Matt […]