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Whale We Ever Finish?- Maya Nunez, Vedastein Custom Design Company

Hello for the final time Project Ventura followers! Yep, you heard (or read) me correctly that this is the final and last blog entry that I will be posting for the year. Don’t worry its not because zombies came down and eat our entire class making it to where we can’t finish the amazing airstream. […]

FINISHED? DONE? YES! -Sierra Melomo, Vedastein Custom Design Company

Hello there! I’m super excited to be done with this project. It has been an amazing experience! When we first started this project I didn’t know if we were going to finish, I didn’t know if teachers were actually going to use the trailer. But now that we have finished, now that teachers are using […]

Long Island Here We Come- Maya Nunez Vedastien Project Design Company

Welcome Project Ventura Viewers! Maya here and it has been awhile. Hopefully everyone had a great spring break. If you were in the Austin area during the spring break than hopefully you got to enjoy South by Southwest and if you were here in Austin then you could have come see the Project Ventura presentation […]

By Golly, I think I got it!!!- Vedastein Custom Design Company, Maya Nunez

Hello and welcome back viewers. Hopefully everything has been going well since and now you are ready to jump on board for more Project Ventura fun. First off, I want to thank everyone who has been viewing our blogs on the behalf of our entire engineering class. It’s so great to have so many people […]

Wood you like to read this? – Sierra Melomo, Vedastein Custom Design

Hi there! I’m back again with lots of news over google sketchup. Lately we have been working in class on google sketch up. For a few classes Maya and I got stuck with no computers, and/or computers with no google sketchup. On these days I would work on the cut list. Without knowing the cuts, […]

Chugging Along on the Ventura Train! Next Stop Building- Maya Nunez Vedastein Custom Design Company

Hey there readers! Welcome back to Project Ventura! The amazing Maya for Vedastien Design Custom Design Company is back and ready to tell you all the juicy details of the making of the Whale. So over the last two or three weeks we have been chugging ahead on the Project Ventura train. So just to […]

Don’t let up on Sketchup- Sierra Melomo, Vedastein Custom Designs

Hello There! This is Sierra again, and here to tell you all about what has been happening this past week! Maya and I have started up on the google sketchup. The google sketchup is a bit challenging. We are both playing around with the program trying to get familiar. It is fun to play around […]