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How to Not Cut Off Your Finger With a Pull Saw – Kelsey A.

A habit has been formed due to the necessity of completing as much school work as possible in the morning. With the nearing of the UIL Theatre Zone Performance on March 12 (Daisy Pulls It Off, presented by the Blue Star Theatre at the Austin PAC, we are the third play and shows start at […]

Oh the Places You’ll Go! -Ryanna H

Hello fellow revamp junkies and day dreamers! Its ryanna again and since we’re just getting back from the weekend I’d like to talk about the time it takes to really sit back, relax, and let your imagination take over. After Ava and mines design wasn’t in the top 4 in the class, I started to […]

We are Almost There!!! Maya Nunez Vedastein Design Company

Welcome back fellow Project Ventura viewers! Once again its Maya for Vedastien Design Company. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!! We officially  have 2 weeks until the Project Ventura is done and we have the  kick off party on May 23rd were the final trailer will be revealed were the engineering class will be presenting in front of faculty, […]

Chop saw is my new best friend! -Jennifer Chaparro, Ever-Green Design Firm

(04/14/2014) Hello again, I know, here I am again, like I mentioned on my last post, I’ve been falling behind with two of my entries, but don’t worry I am catching up, once I am done with this one I am up to date! Well, where do I begin. During this time, April 14, the […]

Clean, Green Living Machine! Jordan Smith – Jedi Design

  Hello all and welcome back! I feel like I haven’t talked to you all in a very long time! Mariah and Matt has left to go off and do their tour and Pam is back at ACC so we are basically on our own. While being on our own we have come so far! […]

We’re Pretty, Funny, Smart, and Girls, but we can get Down and Dirty too! Lucy Saucedo, LuLa Custom Design Team

Hello fellow bloggers! Today I am going to talk about what our class did this week. This week was a very fun week, many people came to visit which meant we had a lot of help. This was very good because guess what, we were real handy men!  After days and days spent learning about tools and […]

Cowgirls in Airstreams!- Itzel Ruiz from Jedi Design Team

Welcome back blog readers. During spring break I was downtown for SXSW a lot and I got to see around 10 different repurposed Airstream that were use as food trailers, a lounge for the Artists to have food in, and there were even some bands performing in them to live stream the performances to the […]