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Divide and Conquer – Julie Tapia, Dream Designers

  Greetings everyone! Hope you are all doing splendid. I’m here to talk about Milestone #3 of Project VENTURA. The engineering students are doing some amazing progress, in my opinion. Every day, each student gets assigned a job associated with the restoration of the Airstream. For example, some of us will be painting the Airstream […]

Slow and Steady Wins the Race!! Maya Nunez Vedastein Custom Design Company

Hello fellow Project Ventura followers!! Maya Here! First off I just want to point out that we only have about 2 months of school left and Project Ventura is due May 19th so we are almost to the finish line with this project and I want to say THANK YOU for those who have followed […]

The Paint-spiration Station–Gus of Fo’sheimer and Filles Fabs

Hello Venturers! Welcome to another episode of airstream renovation. Now that we’re down to the last few months of the project, more and more is being accomplished in the two weeks between each blog post, so a lot has transpired since I last blogged! We’re into our third week of the building portion, so we’ve […]

¡Casas Poquísimo! (Tiny Houses) – Emma Foster, Fo’sheimer and Filles Fabrications

Welcome, once again, to another installment of High School Sophomore Girls Renovate an Airstream, a.k.a. Project Ventura! Things are moving right along over here: we’ve already built a bookshelf and most of the bench framing for what is going to soon be the teacher’s lounge for our school. Wanna see? In addition, Mariah and Matt […]